What is this blog all about?

This blog is dedicated to information about or relative to AdvoCare products, the best nutritional supplements you can find. You can learn about products, how to take the products, where to buy the products, what’s in the products, what’s not in the products, why you need the products, how to sell the products and all that entails. You’ll also learn a lot about nutrition in general, what to trust, what to be a little squeemish about, and what’s really important.

What’s AdvoCare? Click here for that description, or visit the homepage.

This blog is managed by the AdvoCare Marketing Department. However, numerous authors will post articles over time, including members of the AdvoCare Scientific & Medical Advisory Board, and members of our Research & Development Department.

If you ever want to buy AdvoCare products, it’s easy. Once you click over to the website and select a product to purchase, you’ll be directed to a local Distributor’s website. Just pick a local Distributor and finish checking out on their standardized website (we call them MicroSites). You’re done. Here’s our top selling energy drink as an example.

If you ever want to sell the products, that’s easy, too. Just find the links on the site that allude to ‘Becoming a Member,‘ and you’re set. You can read stories about people who currently sell the products successfully today right here.

For official information about AdvoCare, its products and more, be sure to visit the website. That’s where you can find product labels, directions, FAQs, and lots more.  As always, feel free to call our Customer Service department. They are the friendliest, most amazing and helpful group of people you’ll ever talk to. Call them at (800) 882-4800.

Thanks – enjoy the blog.

– bd


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